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Dec 15, 2021

Episode 62 is here! We once again talk about an anime anthology. This time it's The Animatrix! And once again, general quality is a bit uneven, but it's still worth checking out. Like on HBO Max.

"Dimension" and "Place on Fire" by Creo are licensed under CC BY 4.0 (

Dec 1, 2021

Time for episode 61! And we watched Halo Legends! Timely, considering Infinite is about to release. Anyway, it's the anime anthology that came out over a decade ago. Which means quality can be a bit... inconsistent. Check it out on YouTube (it will cost money).

"Dimension" and "Place on Fire" by Creo are licensed under...

Nov 17, 2021

Welcome to episode 60! We're talking about Love Live! Superstar!! Yes, it's the 4th Love Live anime. Once again, most of the discussion is focused on the characters themselves. They're a fun bunch! Check it out on Crunchyroll!

"Dimension" and "Place on Fire" by Creo are licensed under CC BY 4.0 (

Nov 3, 2021

Episode 59 is here! And we once again watched 4 random new anime, this time for the Fall 2021 season. There's a father and daughter driving a mech, a girl who can see ghosts, a musical magical girl, and idols! Check 'em all out!



takt op. Destiny

Selection Project

"Dimension" and "Place on Fire" by...

Oct 20, 2021

It's time for episode 58! We watched Wonder Egg Priority. It started off strong. But then we got to the end. Which pretty much ruined the whole thing. To the point there was genuine anger when we recorded this. But you can still check it out for yourself on Crunchyroll.

CONTENT WARNING: This anime contains themes of...